To access a TouchTunes jukebox, you first need to check-in to the location.

The first screen you will see on the TouchTunes App is the “Jukeboxes Near You” screen. To check-in to a jukebox, simply tap the name of the location from the list of available locations.

To bring up a list of your recently played jukeboxes, tap the “My Locations” tab next to the list of nearby jukeboxes.

If a jukebox is not connected to the internet, the location name will be displayed in gray text and you will be unable to select it.

If no jukebox locations are displayed, it may be because we do not have a jukebox location in your area or because your device is having trouble connecting to the TouchTunes network. To fix this, we recommend toggling WiFi and Airplane mode on/off and completely closing and re-opening the TouchTunes mobile app.