If you are unable to locate a local jukebox, please follow these steps:

1. Is the jukebox listed as "unavailable"?
Please notify the venue staff - the jukebox is currently offline.

2. No nearby jukeboxes showing up?
You may have moved since you were last on the map screen. Pull down on the list of jukeboxes to refresh it. Doing so will force the app to update your position and show the closest venues around where you are right now.
Do you have the most recent update from the App Store or Google Play store? Updating to the most recent app version ensures you have all the best functionality available.

3. Is just one jukebox missing from the list?
Contact us through the TouchTunes App with the name and address of the venue so that we can check under the hood to see what's wrong!

4. Want to use a jukebox far away?
The TouchTunes app now features a “My Locations” tab on the Map screen. The jukeboxes you have checked-into recently will be displayed with the most recent at the top. Selecting the jukebox will grant you access to view the music and select songs on that jukebox.

The My Locations list cannot be altered or expanded. Jukeboxes you have not checked-into previously will not be available for remote-play.